Pine Straw Landscaping


Proper landscaping of the yards is one of the practices that homeowners should ensure is done. It makes the home attractive to visitors and ensures that the plants remain healthy and green. Several landscaping materials can be used for ground cover. One can plan to use mulches of different types and have a plan for maintaining them. The most common mulch that is installed in most landscapes is pine straw bales. This is because pine straw bales plants ha several advantages when used for ground cover. Pine trees are best because of they a renewable source and that they shed their needles late in the season. Pine straw comes from various pine trees species, and they drop their needles throughout the year. Once it sheds the straws, they are baled without having to cut the whole tree. It is produced naturally; therefore, it is very sustainable.

All the species have unique features such as wax content, needle length, and needle flexibility. The loblolly species has a very long needle length that makes it easy to apply and shape it. It has optimal needle sizes that allow the soil put on landscapes or yards to breathe well and therefore infiltration of water is enhanced. The wholesale pine straw bales occur in varied weights. They are easy to carry around, and their storage is easy. Some landscaping companies use pine straw bales from ground cover purpose due to their several benefits. They don’t attract termites and other pests that will destroy plants. They are simple and easy to apply because you only need to unroll the bales and spread by hand. The cost of the pine straw bales is affordable compared to other types of ground covers.

These companies can use the pine straw to control soil erosion in places where grass cannot survive. They are most preferred by many clients as they are more appealing when used in landscapes due to their homogeneous color and fine texture. Pine straw also adds more nutrients to the soil and reduces the number of weeds in the landscapes. This gives less work for these companies when hired to trim the hedges. They also do not lose, and they are the rate at which they break down is slow. It does not need frequent applications like other ground covers and therefore saves the client a lot of money. Pine trees are also favorite for friendly birds which build nests around them. Therefore most landscaping companies when hired to design yards they will use pine straw bales due to its many advantages.

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