Importance of Using Pine Straws as Ground Cover for your Landscapes


A beautiful landscape improves the look of your home and even increases its resale value.  To achieve appealing views, you will need to have well-tended gardens.  Mulch is one the various ways of ensuring that the plants in your garden are always green.  Pine straw alabama are among the best ground covers that ensure that your plants have enough moisture and improve your landscape.  Pine straws come from pine trees, and they are therefore a natural ground cover.  Pine needles ensure that your plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees have the best conditions for growth.   Below are the reasons as to why you should embrace pine needles for your landscape.

They have a beautiful appearance

If adequately raked and cleaned before baling the pine straw delivery will maintain their auburn color for an extended period.  The other garden covers cannot keep their color for an extended period, and you will need to do conduct replacement time to time.

Application of the straws is not complex

You do not need any specific training to apply the pine straw bales on your landscape.  Once the application of the straws is over, you will not incur a regular maintenance cost on your garden or your landscape.  The straws also play a significant role in ensuring that there are no pests in your garden.  Termites which are also common in gardens are kept away by the pine needles.

Helps in Controlling Soil Erosion

The pine needles are ideal organic mulch, and they can go a long way in controlling soil erosion especially for individuals who live in areas that receive rainfalls several times.  Pine straws are durable, and they will not be carried away even when there are massive downfalls.  The ability of the pine straws to last long makes them ideal mulch when you want to ensure that you do not become a victim of soil erosion effects.

Pine straws are not heavy

When purchasing pine straw bales, you will realize that they are well compressed.  Since they are not heavy handling, the pine needles become comfortable than handling any other type of organic mulch.

Enhances soil fertility and plants productivity

Once you opt to use pine straws for your landscape garden cover your soil will be more fertile, and the plants will become healthier.  Pines are rich in nitrogen and after rotting they release essential fertilizer to the land helping your plants to be healthier and consequently making your landscape appealing.   They can also be used when you want a ground cover that reduces spread of weed in your gardens.


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